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What does a scrum master do?

At 26lights we are early adopters of the Scrum methodology. Here is an explanation of what is really a Scrum Master.

Here is the interview of Alicia about her role of scrum master at 26lights.

What is the role of a scrum master?

What a scrum master does can be different from company to company. At 26lights, the scrum master’s role is to unite the team that is working on a project in order to get things done.
Also, it’s the person who unite the team when obstacles and challenges are met, in order to find solutions to overcome them. The project needs to move on and not be blocked because of unresolved issues.

What are the main differences between a project manager and a scrum master?

It can be the same person but the role is quite different. As I said, the scrum master has to unite the team, to make sure the project is moving on smoothly and to resolve any issues.
While the main task of a project manager is to respect the budget and the timing. He must ensure that the deliverables are ready on time and within the defined budget. Even if we could think that both are in charge of project management, the daily tasks are different.

What are the 3 main qualities every scrum master should have? 

According to me, it must be someone who is good at listening, with whom it’s easy to talk. The team must feel comfortable to express their feelings and questions to the scrum master. He’ll make sure to respond effectively.

It’s someone who is solution driven. Often people complain but the goal is to find a solution and that everyone agrees with it.

It’s also someone who brings motivation to the team. Projects are often difficult and long, motivation can be lost at some point… The scrum master needs to bring energy to the team, so that people want to work and in good conditions.

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