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We’ve spent the past 10 years helping over 100 startups, scale-ups, and ambitious SMEs build sustainable businesses with a healthy growth and strong leadership.

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Will you really benefit from an ERP

Choosing your next ERP is not a simple choice: you should already know how much return you’ll get after implementing a new information system. Let’s discover if you really need an ERP at this stage of your project.

You have the need for an ERP, but are you sure it's gonna benefit your business for the next 5 years? We'll help you get that answer.

We made it our mission to help you define your business needs and identify what you need to grow. An ERP can be a powerful catalyst for this growth, but is now the right time for you to make this investment? Will it truly benefit you at this stage? Is Odoo the right solution for you?

Making the wrong choice can be costly in the long run. That’s why we’re here to help you define your needs before selecting the perfect toolset – a toolkit we’ll map out together to ensure it includes everything you need.

And if you think Odoo is the right choice, here are some things we 💛 about Odoo ERP:

Infinitely modular, just like your business.

Odoo is undoubtedly the most versatile solution when it comes to connecting every part of your business into one single tool. Between all the Odoo apps, the thousands of community-developed apps, and the ability to self-host and make custom code changes, even your most intricate needs can be fulfilled, but also fine-tuned to comply with your ever-changing business needs.

Widely respected and used

50 000+ SME’s and ETI’s run Odoo as their business information system. If you have LinkedIn, you may have heard of it more than once. Difficult to find a better indicator that Odoo is undoubtedly one of the best ERP solutions on the market for small to medium-sized companies.

One single source of truth. Really.

Connect every single one of your business module into Odoo (like billing platform, ecommerce website, or your CRM) and benefit from an experience where everything is centralized on one single app that shows you and your team information that’s relevant to them, enabling seamless collaboration and delivery.

Building with your needs in mind, at all times.

Tailoring Odoo's limitless possibilities to your own specific needs.

There are different ways to help you scale your business with Odoo. Whether you want it self-hosted, to use only pre-existing Odoo apps only, there are many options. However, what matters the most is which choice will benefit your business the most.

  • At most times, a custom implementation will cost more and take more time, but if your business will need this flexibility that custom coding offers for its next 5 years of growth, it’s definitely worth the investment, if not required.
  • On the other hand, a low-code implementation doesn’t mean we choose the apps you build, click once to put them in your workspace, and get out. Deciding that your ERP can work this way will be the result of a thorough framing of your problems and needs.

In short: no matter how long or how much, we’re here to help you build your business’ own single source of truth.


Our mission: finding, building, and maintaining your next growth engine.

Mapping out all your needs, even those you didn't know you needed.

We map all the challenges your business faces and your processes to truly pin-point what’s the need, and could be changed or adjusted. Maybe you don’t even need an ERP in the first place ? That’s what we’re going to analyze.

We bring to you all the solutions, and we define the best together

After mapping all your needs, we’ll find which tool will help you best optimize, streamline and automate your very own processes. It can range from no tool at all to the most custom option. But the only one who decides what must be done is you.

We co-create the product directly with you

From the first function to the final push to production, you’ll be involved in every single part of your ERP’s construction. It’s your own tool before all! We build in an Agile fashion, so be sure to see new releases very often, rather than a single integration that you wouldn’t be able to test before.

We continuously assess quality and offer maintenance

We’re not simply integrators. More than shipping good code, we’ll train your internal teams to use the product, and show your technical department how they can keep track of errors and correcting them. And even if the problem persists, just give us a quick call, and we’ll be right on it the next minute.

Business Analysis
Phase 1
Mapping out all your needs, even those you didn't know you needed

We map all the challenge your business faces and your processes to truly pin-point what your business needs to thrive. Maybe you don't even need an ERP? In that case, we know other solutions.

Solutions Panel
Phase 2
We bring to you all the solutions, you choose the best for you
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Building & Delivery
Phase 3
We build the product in co-creation with you

From the first to the last line of code, you're with us to build the software your truly need. We'll ship it and

Support & Maintenance
Phase 4
We continuously assess quality and offer maintenance

We're not an integrator. We're a partner that will continuously 


Whatever the need(s), we can do it all.

We have experience and are working with all kinds of technologies. This enables us to pick the one that will best fit your business.

Maybe in your specific case, you won’t need Odoo specifically? Or you may need a custom coded solution rather than a pre-existing one? This is the first question we ask: which of the available options will help you scale your business for the next 5 years?

We simply don’t push you in the solution we know best. What we want to do is make the decision with you of the solution that will help you reach your next stage of growth.


This is what happens when you bring together a team of passionate. experts who put people first and strive for success.


You’re the expert at running your business. We are experts at building great companies, organizing teams, and build amazing tech to last.

Through years of R&D with leading researchers, we have developed proprietary technologies grounded in Visual Thinking to forge a collaborative future with you. We believe that one picture conveys more than a thousand words. Our aim is to empower you, ensuring that you remain in control and optimizing the time required to establish a highly efficient collaboration.


Whether you require a complete team for the implementation of a new project or just a few hours of consultation, we have the internal flexibility to adjust the composition of the team catering to your needs. You will have the freedom to determine the workload on a monthly basis.

This level of flexibility does not compromise the retention of knowledge because we’ve built an environment meant to retain talent. In other words, we can hop on and off your team without any issue – it’s as you wish.


During our collaboration, we will become your dedicated team. Transparency is crucial to build trusty, which is why we ensure you have access to all relevant information at any time, and involve you in any significant decision-making processes.

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We’ve developed a proprietary technology allowing you to follow the evolution of every project in real time and be aware of how resources are being allocated at any given moment.

My26 is our investment in openness and trust, which we believe are the building blocks of growth partnership.

Digital Presentation of the 26lights' internal tool My26.

Case Studies

They chose us to build their business informations system

Discover companies that trusted us to ideate, co-create and maintain the information system that would propel them to their next stage of growth.

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MRR x10 in 5 years, thanks to a tailored resource planning solution

We came in to help E-MAPROD reorganize their team by putting all the cards on the table. Discover how we optimized their internal workflows to help them stop relying on Excel and (finally) work with a tool adapted to their needs.

Years of expertise
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Another company that chose 26lights to build their information system. This time, we chose to build a fully custom ERP because of our client’s specific security needs.

We can help digitalize your business

Some scientists would contradict this statement, but there is no exact formula for digital success. It’s always a mixture of components that eventually give the desirable chemical reaction. This happened with our clients: WHY NOT YOU?