MRR x10 in 5 years, thanks to a tailored business logic solution.

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For more than 20 years, E-MAPROD pioneers at carrying out real estate projects, in Belgium and internationally. Their mission is to create top-tier living environments for investors and tenants. They have expertise in all areas of real estate development, from legal, urban planning, architecture to the more technical and commercial aspect.

The Challenge

A strong growth will, held back by the current market.

In 2014, E-MAPROD founder Stéphane Benaym decided it was the time to make the 3-person company grow, and transform a family business into a prominent real estate actor in Europe.

This is how he came to meet us to talk about his business challenges.

Process mapping / Business coaching

An external eye to have a clear overview of the company

“The idea was to take a blank sheet of paper, redefine de processes and people of the company, and point out what input can an external eye offer about different organisational aspects. Very quickly, we found a human resource challenge.”

We started by mapping all of E-MAPROD business to better understand who’s in charge of what. This permitted us to optimize and point out decisions regarding HR while offering Stéphane some business coaching.

As part of our process, we introduced and implemented different visual thinking strategies into E-MAPROD’s daily practices. We suppressed their Word documents, made them stand up and collaborate with a white board and Post-Its. This immediately helped E-MAPROD teams understand the complexity of their processes, to discover how to streamline their workflow for maximum efficiency.

Thanks to this initial business mapping, people in the company could now clearly understand what piece of the puzzle they were.

ERP Implementation

Understanding the long-term vision to build the system that aligns with it.

After this restructuring, it was very clear that the Excel sheet that was running most of E-MAPROD’s business couldn’t work forever, or worse, hinge their growth. It was clear that many processes had to be automated. Therefore, we agreed on finding the solution that would completely fit with the detailed business process mapping done prior.

“The initial work that has been done helped me get closer to my objective: make all my teams fully autonomous. It was now time to brainstorm about what tool to put in place to optimize productivity as much as possible ”

Building an ERP is firstly about knowing where you want to go, answering the difficult question “what’s the long-term vision?”.

Since E-MAPROD was overseeing a significant growth for the next years (which came to be true 😉), they knew they needed a scalable, all-in-one solution that would fit the evolution of their processes.

Our business analyst made the research, and presented to E-MAPROD all the solutions that would get them out of excel. Among them, custom ERP solution we’d build on top of Odoo came out as the best choice. Not only because we come on the same land 🇧🇪, but also because it’s open source (self-hosting enables full control over security), very easy to set up for developers, and is a scalable solution that aligned with their growth plan.

The objective: align everyone in the company over one single tool that streamlines:

  • Project tracking
  • Real-Estate Feasibility Study
  • Financial Monitoring
  • Automated Invoicing
  • Stock Management
  • Service Provider Management

“Our collaboration with E-MAPROD consisted of a shared responsibility to ensure all numbers are correct. That's why, from the choice of the ERP to its maintenance today, we have always paid an utmost attention to the quality of the delivery.”

We paid a very special attention the accuracy of financial data and security. E-MAPROD handles very significant investments every day.

In addition to daily management processes, a thorough validation process has been implemented before bill payments to strengthen financial security and reduce the risk of errors or fraud. This system ensures that only transactions approved by the CFO are carried out, providing additional peace of mind.

We gradually onboarded collaborators while building the next features by blocks, to be able to test each one and make sure its free of any bug. This accelerated development and the adoption by teams, as it brough a collaborative approach that helped us quickly assess their needs and process their feedback as we were building.

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Fast forward to...

Today, you can’t work at E-MAPROD without using E-MADOO. Teams are perfectly organized, with a single source of truth that automates recurring tasks, streamlines many of the difficult processes there is in real estate, and make team totally autonomous.

Our collaboration with E-MAPROD doesn’t stop after that; we continue to work closely with them to analyze the impact of the deployed solutions and continuously improve them.

Growth in 10 years
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"Une équipe incroyable qui nous a permis d'affiner nos process au maximum".

Arthur Brami, CEO at E-MAPROD, nous a accordé une interview pour reprendre les points principaux de notre

Our thoughts

Working with companies with a clear sense of purpose is what drives us (and you) forward.

Having E-MAPROD as one of our clients proves our point. All the team is made of hard working people that want to do the right things, and to do them right. They’re smart, resilient entrepreneurs with strong growth mindset.

Collaborating with them for the past decade has proven our point to help great entrepreneurs looking building companies around a clear sense of purpose. And for that, clear processes are as important as culture.

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