Are you prepared
for the worst?

 Great products know how to face every worst-case scenario. A simple power outage, data breach or cyber-attack can cripple your operations, damage your reputation, and lead to financial losses.

In today’s Cloud-centric environment, strong preparation is crucial. A regularly updated Disaster Recovery Plan ensures operational continuity and minimizes disaster impact.

We can help with that.

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What is a DRP?

A Disaster Recovery Plan is not only an absolutely necessary measure to ensure business continuity, but the ultimate peace of mind.

It also stands as a very important condition to enter an industry, especially these days where VC’s are very concerned about your preparedness for the potential risks that your business may undergo.

With a strong DRP in place, you will:

Minimize Losses

Recover swiftly from a breach, since every scenario has been envisioned prior.

Maintain Trust

Keep serving customers and reassuring stakeholders even during challenging times.

Stay Compliant

Avoid penalties, legal issues, and protect your business ethically.

What we do

From Olivier Samyn, Technical Lead at 26lights

1. Identify Critical Assets

We assess all the processes with business recovery in mind, taking in account every possible scenario to envision a solution that works for every single disaster scenario.

2. Define Recovery Objectives

We establish a clear recovery time and objectives to protect what’s the most important while alleviating as much losses as possible to help you get back on track in the fastest and most secure way.

3. Educate Collaborators

We ensure employees are familiar with the plan and their roles in case anything breaks down. That way, no need for time-consuming back-and-forth communication. Every role and tasks is centralized in a single source of truth.

4. Continuous Risk Assessment

We strive on continuously assess risks and document lessons learned. A DRP is never final. It should always be modified to always align with what you and us know and foresee regarding your security.

Why us?

Sure, you can handle the creation of your DRP yourself.

But here’s why choosing us to do so will be a better option for your business’ integrity overtime

External Look

A pair of fresh (and expert) eyes will easily spot things you haven’t noticed in some time. Our extensive knowledge in current potential disasters

No Bias

We have nothing to lose when auditing your business. But we will be as honest as we can when spotting mistakes, and this is what will help you discover what to rework.

We know Startups

We know startups. We’ve been helping them for their tech challenges for years. With this extensive knowledge, we know how to dive deeper into how to strengthen your business against risks.

Meet the Team

Their track records and expertise are just something else. They co-create as a team and with you to bring your business to its full potential.

Check how we helped our clients

Cowboy Bikes 26lights

Reinforcement of the core dev team

Scale the dev team to launch a new product (care) and a new market (US)
Yields 26 lights

From MVP to Serie A Fintech

We built a prototype that enabled to raise 2M. Now, Yields has a team of 30 people. And after 6 years, we still play a tech lead role in the dev team.
Sharing box 26 lights

Complete Core Business Automation

We conceptualized a centralized tool that enables Sharingbox to manage thousands of events with hundreds of tasks. Goodbye Excel, Hello digital automation!

This is what happens when you bring together a team of passionate experts who put people first and strive for success. Strong partnership is the key.


You’re the expert at running your business. We are experts at building startups, organizing companies, and developing amazing tech. Through years of R&D with leading researchers, we have developed proprietary methodologies grounded in Visual Thinking to forge a collaborative future with you. We believe in the power of visual representation, as one picture can convey more than a thousand words. Our aim is to empower you, ensuring that you remain in control and optimizing the time required to establish a highly efficient collaboration.


Whether you require a complete team for the implementation of a new project or just a few hours of consultation, we have the internal flexibility to adjust the composition of the team catering to your needs. You will have the freedom to determine the workload on a monthly basis. This level of flexibility does not compromise the retention of knowledge because we’ve built an environment meant to retain talent. Out consultants can hop on and off your team without any issue.


During our collaboration, we will become your dedicated team. Transparency is crucial to building trust, which is why we ensure you have access to all relevant information and involve you in any significant decision-making processes.

You are in control

Tracking tools and methods
you won’t find anywhere else.

As you already know transparency and flexibility are priorities for us. This is why we’ve developed proprietary technology called My26 to allow you to follow the evolution of every project in real time and be aware of how resources are being allocated at any given moment.

My26 is our investment in openness and trust, which are the building blocks of growth partnership.

Digital Presentation of the 26lights' internal tool My26.

Let's start by an audit

Defining the DRP that will suit you business best starts with a complete technical audit of your infrastructure and processes.

Auditing your tech is all about defining the right choices between long and short term. In a flexible mode, we are here to cover your needs here and now. 

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