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Our very first projet 8 years ago with Umedia

60% additional investments in 6 years thanks to an IT tool we have developed!

After 7 years of existence, in 2011, Umedia reached a first level of growth with about 40 employees. The business was running well but came to a stage where it needed to go a little further and needed automation.

In particular, there was a lot of work to be done on investment management at Umedia. They therefore asked 26lights to analyze their needs.

Concretely what has been done?

There has been work on the processes and the development of IT tools. 26lights had the ability to model Umedia’s business, optimize it and build a platform to automate recurring tasks as much as possible.

The tool has been developed to be agile enough to change or add new financial products without having to start it again from scratch.

Key figures to share?

Between the implementation of the tool in 2013 and today, Umedia managed to generate more than 60% of additional investments. With a similar team.

The recommendation?

Umedia recommends 26lights in relation to our ability to translate business needs into powerful IT tools. These tools are still used today and the project has been easily.