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4 reasons why you should do Daily Stand Up Meetings

In our previous article, we mentioned the fact that we’ve adopted the agile project management method and more particularly, the scrum methodology. Daily stand up meetings are part of this methodology and we’ll tell you more about it in this article!

What is a daily stand up meeting?

Daily stand up meetings are short meetings (between 5 to 15 minutes) in order to check the progress of the team and plan things accordingly. It’s a way to share with your co-workers about what’s going on with everyone’s tasks.
Typically, at 26lights, the team gathers every morning for the stand up in order to set the program for the day. Here are the main reasons why we chose this type of daily meetings!

1. It is a time saver

You’ll figure out that a meeting where everyone has to take a seat is more time consuming than a stand up meeting. People tend to chat more when they’re seated around a table, you’ll get quicker to the point by doing a stand up!

2. It values transparency

Daily stand up meetings bring transparency among the team members because everyone knows what everyone does. In this context, we can share your questions and difficulties to get the opinion and help of others.

In this way, it also allows to realize pretty quickly if a task will not be completed on time.

3. You stay focused

Standing up during the meeting is a great way to get everyone focused and productive and to start the day with motivation.

4. You build a strong team

Finally, stand up meetings can help you bond with your team. Because a team who takes the time to communicate efficiently, who helps each other and support each other is a strong and close team!

How to implement daily stand up meetings in your company?

The most important thing is to be able to visualize the evolution of everyone’s tasks.
At 26lights, we use the programs Airtable and Taiga in order to organize our work efficiently and according to priorities.


Another way of doing it is by manually updating your evolutions. In this case, you’ll need a physical board and lots of post-its! Divide the board according to the number of stories you’re working on and determine what needs to be done, what’s in progress, what can be tested and what is done. According to the tests, you’ll find bugs, put them in the board too in order to fix them!

Also, with post-its of colors, attribute the tasks to the person in charge, it’s then easier to see on what everyone is working!

Whether you’re using softwares or a post-its’ board, make sure you can easily check the progress of the team!

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have questions on this topic. We’d be happy to help!

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