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More cost effective than India


What’s the app ?

Stryty is a gazette compiling local best of shopping, events and coupons with a social touch.
This super tool improves the way you discover and recommend new trends locally.
For local businesses, Stryty is a free mobile advertising platform with real-time market survey.


What’s the story behind ?

The creator, this « serial entrepreneur », has always been conscious of the importance of local shops, and how hard it is for them to make ads that are relevants and make diligent clients. That’s why he decided to create an application than could combine local news with a social approach.


What did 26lights bring to the product/process ?


26lights started to coach Stryty on the business plan. During this time, he decided to develop his app in India. Few months later, he realized that his app didn’t get any better and that the process took too long. He decided to work fully with 26 Lights.

As the business plan was clear, the market tested and the application flow and functionalities well defined, the dev team joined the project to make it happen! In a few weeks, they build a rocking MVP!

Then, the client was coached to become a good product owner in the Scrum methodology.

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