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26lights works with Proxideal


Taking over an existing project to develop advanced features on the app

What is Proxideal?

Andréa Englebert co-founded Proxideal with his cousin, Olivier, about two years ago.

Proxideal is a platform developed for independent merchants and restaurateurs. At the beginning, the platform allowed them to sell their unsold products at reduced prices via an app. The concept evolved because every merchant didn’t have unsold products every day but still wanted to offer promotions to their clients on the app. The promotions were available on the app but the customer had to physically go to the shop and ask to the staff for his discounts.

Due to clients and merchants’ demand, the app had to change because they both wanted to make it possible to book and pay in advance the discounted products.

How did 26lights help Proxideal?

Proxideal was already working with another firm but it couldn’t provide the services they needed. This is why they called us 6 months ago. We took over the existing project to develop the advanced features that would perfectly fit their needs and their clients’ needs.

The whole process began first with an analysis phase: we thought about what is the added value of the company, we detailed exactly what new features they needed on the app and created mockups.

We monitored the project with them and we gave them new creative ideas when needed.

Andréa told us that the best part of working with us (apart from getting brand new features on the app!) was the external vision we brought to Proxideal. Being himself every day in his project, it’s sometimes difficult to take a step back.

What’s next?

Thanks to the new features added to the application, Proxideal is now able to make money! For example, they now know exactly the number of orders per day and the number of orders per merchant too.

The fund “Digital Attraxion” from the Walloon Region follows them. They gave them a first part of funding in order to make the new advanced features done. It is now up to Proxideal to prove to the fund that there is traffic on the app and that clients are using their services, in order to receive the second part of the funding. We wish them good luck!