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Show Sourcing

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What’s the app ?

The app Show Sourcing is the ultimate solution for professional buyers. It manages, collects, organizes and shares your sourcing informations in a couple of clicks. There are a mobile app and a web app versions. It’s your personal assistant during and after the show!

What’s the story behind ?

The inventors wanted to facilitate the sourcing process. When a professional buyer is one week away in a tradeshow: he sees hundreds of products, gathers dozen of heavy catalogues, takes pictures and notes of many products, and when he flies back to his office, he needs to decide which one he’ll buy. In this mess, it’s difficult to find the item you need.

They started to create, using internal resources, a prototype to test their concept in a limited scale. It appears that it was a success! They needed at that point to put it in user’s hands to get the feedbacks and see where they could go with it in bigger scales, with stronger techniques bases.

When they contacted 26lights, they were just looking for a tech lead. As the conversation moved on, it became clear that they needed much more than that : they needed to be immersed in a start-up environment, to learn the tips & tricks of the scrum methodology. They were seduced by the incubation offer of 26lights: the possibility to have a tech lead, with polyvalent developers who can manage to handle “last-minutes changes”.

What did 26lights bring to the product/process ?

26lights gave strong basis to their product by both doing and guiding with varied expertise. We not only helped them on the technical expertise, the tech lead and the development, but also on the Agile’s project structure, the sales’ techniques and the coaching on the product roadmap. Moreover, we helped them keeping the focus on the important matters, prioritizing, structuring and managing, working on the business product launch.

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