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IT development: the experience of My Treeosk

Working with a partner that has a real impact on the future of the company

My Treeosk is our client for almost a year now. We met Mehdi, My Treeosk’s CEO, to talk about our collaboration together. The project answers their needs in IT development. Here is what we talked about during this interview!

My Treeosk is a system that allows any company to be digitalized through an application and hardware support. It is a touch screen, a kind of terminal that you can place anywhere you want! In a shop, a restaurant, etc. The goal is to put forward the products sold by the company and to give visibility to this company.

Mehdi told us that when he and his colleagues arrived at 26lights, they realized that we have a fairly human vision of the company! They really appreciated this because “it’s something you can quickly forget, since you are everyday in your project without being able to step back”. In this way, 26lights brings a philosophy on the project that allows to synthesize the goals and to think globally.

After a little brainstorm, an analysis of My Treeosk’s business and needs, we agreed to answer to their first requests and needs: IT development. With a minimum starting budget, we managed to make a complete analysis in order to develop a MVP (Minimum Viable Product).

The final question we asked to Mehdi: what is our strength?

“As they bring you a real philosophy, you do not live with them as subcontractors, you live with them as with partners! That’s what I was looking for, an extra partner who would make a difference.”

It is true, we are working with our very own methodology. We can almost say that it’s in our veins! This is why it’s really natural, it flows… And we can guarantee quality and reactivity during the whole project!