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Cowboy Bikes 26lights

Reinforcement of the core dev team

Scale the dev team to launch a new product (care) and a new market (US)
Yields 26 lights

From Proto to Serie A Fintech

We built a prototype that enabled to raise 2M. Now, Yields has a team of 30 people. And after 6 years, we still play a tech lead role in the dev team.
Sharing box 26 lights

Automation of the core business

We conceptualized a centralized tool that enables Sharingbox to manage thousands of events with hundreds of tasks. Goodbye excel, Hello digital automation!

We've got all you need

Building an amazing business is complex. It requires the right talent at the right time. Our vision: you should be able to find whatever you need in a single partner who knows you and your business.

Work with the best-in-class
tech leads

Whether you start or you grow, you need to solve short term issues and think about long term architectures. Tech leading a startup is all about making the right choices between long and short term. In a flexible and affordable mode, just to cover your needs here and now.

high qualified developer

Reinforce your team with high-qualified developers

Because your workload is NEVER equal to your ressources, we propose to be your flexible buffer. Our developers, coming from successful companies such as Amazon, Teads, … know what it is to build strong stuff, but also to ship “tactical” code in a hurry.

Boost your sales using our digital marketing experts

Need help for your (digital) sales? Our philosophy is to make your startup grow with a marketing strategy, fine tuned for your business. … the best way to fund your startup btw 😉

Growth marketing 26 lights
Lilicast 26 lights

Team reinforcement with extra experts

26lights experts joined the LiLiCAST team to boost IT development & digital marketing.
Proxideal 26 lights

From an MVP to 4 stable apps

26ligths provided a complete team to analyse, implement, maintain and optimize 4 mobile applications.
koalect 26 lights

The Tech Lead "ad interim"

We have integrated our best expert to help managing architecture, code review, recruitment, devops... and developing some key features.

UX and UI

Reach the next level
thanks to the power of UX

Interaction design and visual design of your app, website or sofware take you to the next level! Ask our experts for advice.


Find your killer feature & take advantage of the users feedback. Take your concept straight to the point.

Business coaching

Define and redefine the processes, each people’s mission, select the right profiles. Follow a business coaching to reach your goals!

 From 1 day to 10 years, it’s up to you!

Need help on a specific project, an expert developer to boost your team or business consulting? Define your needs and get to the next level.


Borrow an external team of specialists to deliver a specific project. 

A whole B-Team supported Sharingbox to develop a strategic asset with 1 Scrum master, 1 analyst, 1 tech lead and 2 developers.


Experienced developers join your team to boost your team capacity or to add extra skills. Part or full time.

A front-end developer joined Cowboy’s team during 6 months to support their expansion to the US.


Build a business model, make a security audit, evaluate a candidate, set-up an HR evaluation process… You will love the benefits of those improvements 😉

With our business coaching, RingTwice set up a new organization & a new people evaluation mode.

Do more with less. 

Optimize to save money and allocate your ressources to what makes your business grow. 



A reasonable fee. 

 That’s what you want, that’s what we offer. Let’s go straight to the point!

Start at no cost.
Get a free hour of coaching.

Get our advice and let’s see if there’s a match!