Our dev team isn’t only the best at coding

Whether we’re working on your product or your internal processes, our focus is always the same: your business goals. Our devs don’t just build software, they build the future of your company.

That’s why everything we develop exists in the larger frame of your company’s growth.

Our devs are the best, but they wouldn’t be if all they did was code.

Who are you?


From building your MVP to scaling your business and everything in between.

Ideas aren’t worth much; execution is everything. Launching a startup requires a lot of different skills. that you may not have as you’re starting out.

The good news is that you can find all these skills within a single partner. We’ll find out what your killer feature is and develop a solid MVP that you can take to market and really start the adventure.


Going from 0 to 1 and going from 1 to 10 require different skills and expertise.

Scaling up a business is a matter of leveraging the existing resources, operations, and processes to expand into new markets, launch new products or services, and increase sales.

This requires strategic positioning, development firepower, and setting up new processes.

We will help organize your team, bring in the right technological resources, and support you at every step.

Our tech services

Product development should always start with an MVP. We focus on the pain point we want to solve, identify the best way to do it, and we build just that.

It sounds easier than it does, which is why it’s always good to have an external partner making sure you don’t find yourself with superfluous features.

No matter how many devs you have on your team, there’s always an extra project that needs doing, or that you keep putting off. In some cases, it’s going to be a strategic project that’s holding you back altogether.

Our team is used to jumping in and working across technologies.

An important part of scaling a business is getting rid of liabilities.

Whether they’re within your code or linked to security protocols, there’s only one way to identify them. You’ve got to get your hands dirty.

MVP 26lights


Every successful app started as an MVP (Minimum Viable Product). It allows founders to validate their ideas and get feedback from potential customers in a cost-effective and time-efficient manner.

By launching a simple version of the app that focuses on your users’ main pain point, you can collect valuable data in a short amount of time and refine the product.

It also puts yourself in a comfortable position when it comes to raising money. Investors will be a lot more confident in a product that’s already been tested on its core audience and shows promise.


Are you missing an integration? A bundle of features that your team can’t handle right now? Or maybe you need custom internal tools?

We’re here to help.

Our team can join yours to work on a specific project and accelerate the development of crucial features.

You’ll be assigned a Tech Lead who’ll supervise the project and one or more developers who’ll work their magic for you.

BTeam 26lights

Tech Audit

It’s easy to get caught up in the development of new features. The problem is that there’s always waste in your code and the longer you do nothing about it, the more technical debt will accumulate.

Book your tech audit now!

The risks of technical debt:

  • It can impair your ability to develop valuable features and thus affect your ROI
  • It can endanger your funding as investors will want to make sure your code is clean


Why do an audit with us?

  • External look: It’s easy to overlook things when you’ve been working on the app for a while. Also, it can be difficult for employees to question legacy code that was initially written by a founder.

  • No bias: Our team won’t be partial to a piece of code or to a specific technology. This allows us to provide unbiased advice that’ll help optimize your app.
  • Expertise/Experience: All our software engineers are experts who have either worked at top-level companies like Amazon or hold PHDs. They have worked on dozens of apps and share their respective experiences with each other to cover as much ground as possible.
  • We know startups so we know what to focus on and prioritize

Security Audit

Security is no joke. And the more your company grows, the more you stand to lose. And, to be fair, this isn’t only about you, it’s also about your users and their data.

Book your security audit now!

The risks of a security breach:

  • Loss of data
  • Loss of business
  • Massive damage to your reputation

Why do a security audit with us?

  • External look
  • No bias
  • Expertise/Experience
  • Black box methods (ethical hacking) can’t be done internally

  • Conflicts of interest can arise from people accessing sensitive data internally

  • We know startups


A Disaster Recovery Plan isn’t only an absolutely necessary measure to ensure business continuity, it’s also the ultimate peace of mind and, sometimes, a condition to enter an industry.

Ensure your business continuity!

The risks of not having a DRP:

  • Easily preventable loss of data
  • Easily preventable loss of business
  • Longer time to get back in business
  • Massive damage to your reputation


Why do an audit with us?

  • External look
  • No bias
  • Expertise/Experience
  • We know startups

Our clients say it best


Tanguy Goretti

CTO — Cowboy

“26lights came in to help develop and ship our Cowboy Care platform, which is our on demand service for maintenance and tyre puncture fixes. Their engineers were working directly with our team. There was no overhead and communication was fluid. We recommend working with them.”


Simon Detienne

Product Lead – Koalect

“We brought 26lights in to do a full audit of our two applications and set up a new workflow that fits our internal team better. We loved their flexibility and their solution-oriented mindset. Would work with them again!”

Why work with 26lights?

Our work only makes sense as long as it makes sense to you. You’re always in control of the project and you’re free to reevaluate the collaboration at any time.

Whether you’d like a one-off strategy workshop or a 5-year growth implementation, you’re in charge.

Every company is different. Thanks to our experience and blend of skills, we tailor our advice and working model to accommodate your business and your needs.

We act as a real partner. Your success is our success.

We never compromise on the quality of the people we hire because these are the people who will be working on your project.

Everyone in our team has a proven track record and the right mindset to tackle your challenges with maximum efficiency.

Meet our experts!

Arik Azoulay – Business Coach

Alicia Dahan – Manager
/ Scrum Master

Forster Perelsztejn  – Marketing Lead

Nathan Cohen – Business Analyst

Guillaume Dacier – Back End Developer

Olivier Samyn – Tech Lead (Infra, Data, Algorithm)

Renaud Lenne – Tech Lead (A.I, Security, Algorithm)

Xavier Poczekajlo – Back End Developer

Florian Baumont – Back End Developer

Alexandre Fritz – Front End Developer

Gaspar Feron – Front End Developer

Jeremy Jacono – Conversion Rate Optimizer

Laurent van Ausloos – Brand marketing / Art Director

Alicia Dahan
Growth Manager
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