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Freelancer (with benefits)

Working with a freelancer offers you a lot of freedom. They’re not under your responsibility and there are no strings attached if it’s not working out. It also means that you need to supervise them remotely and that your app relies on the skills, availability, and passion of one person. 

What if you could get all of the benefits (and more) of a freelancer, without any of the drawbacks?


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Why work with us?

Why working with us in a DevTeam-as-a-Service approach is far more valuable than hiring freelancers 

Accompanying startups in their development is our specialty. From the critical early stages to the scaling up of operations. We value agility as a mindset and as a competitive advantage. More importantly, we focus on helping you align your strategy with who you are. Moreover, we believe that happiness is one of the Key Success Factors. We can’t promise success but we can promise you that we will be fully involved in your project.

This has been our philosophy since the beginning. 10 years and 100+ startups later, it’s still our recipe for success.

We don’t compromise when it comes to excellence and quality. This is why our team is only comprised of high-level talent. Our tech leads are trailblazing PHDs with lots of experience.

This means that:

1. You won’t have to worry about managing the team and supervising the devs. We got it covered.

2. Thanks to a diverse team, we can handle all aspects of app development. A lone freelancer can’t.

3. Some of our devs have been with us for 10+ years. Our team is stable. Your project is constantly in good hands.

Let's start building!

Technological development is important. But it’s not all there is. A good product needs solid UX, positioning, and marketing that speaks to its audience. 

By working with a team with various profiles and expertise, you’re never limited by who you have in-house. On-demand access to all the skills required for startup success takes a lot of issues out of the equation.

We are here to make sure every step is covered. Your success is our success.

We don’t want your company.
We’re going to get involved in almost every conceivable way but we won’t take any equity. This gives you total freedom in reassessing the relationship as time goes on.
No strings attached, you evaluate us based on the results we bring.
Success takes time, but it usually speaks for itself.

No Technology

Whatever your needs are (web, mobile, AI, database,…), we have experience and knowledge with most available technologies. Having a diverse team of senior devs allows us to cover a lot of ground.

We always choose technology based on relevance to the project. We build sustainable products that satisfy every stakeholder.

Our developers come from successful companies such as Amazon or Teads. They know how to build robust software, but also to ship “tactical” code in a hurry.

At 26lights, we believe that launching or running a company is an incredible but challenging journey. Finding good partners is one of the toughest challenges.

We’re a team of passionate people with skills ranging from IT (Software/App/Web Development, A.I., Devops, Architecture, UX/UI, Scrum), to business (Business Model, Business Plan, Customer Journey, Marketing strategy and execution), to management (Leadership Coaching, Recruitment Advisory, Team Dynamic, Agile Organization).

Our main drive is to work on projects that excite us and that we believe in. We want to build beautiful companies we can talk about with pride.

Does this resonate with you? If so, let’s have a chat!

Photo of Alicia Dahan, Manager at 26lights
Alicia Dahan
26 lights Manager
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