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We will be your dev partner

Finding devs for a startup is tough; they’re the real unicorns. On top of being technically talented, they need to be fully aligned with your vision. And be ready to take risks. It doesn’t mean you won’t find them. But it doesn’t mean you should wait for them to move forward with your project.

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Why working with us in a DevTeam-as-a-Service approach is far more valuable than waiting months/years to have your dream team. We’re comfortable with new projects as well as with ongoing ones. We’re happy to reinforce your team as well as take over your development operations.

Accompanying startups in their development is our specialty. From the critical early stages to the scaling up of operations. We value agility as a mindset and as a competitive advantage. More importantly, we focus on helping you align your strategy with who you are. Moreover, we believe that happiness is one of the Key Success Factors. We can not promise success but we can promise you that we will be fully involved in your project.

This was our philosophy from the beginning. 10 years and 100+ startups later, it’s still our recipe for success.

We don’t compromise when it comes to excellence and quality. This is why our team is only comprised of high-level talent. Our founder has led multiple companies to success. Our tech leads have are trailblazing PHDs. Our marketers have probably already sold you something.

We help you lay solid strategic and technological foundations with our senior profiles. Then, you can start hiring the juniors who will grow with your company.

Technological development is important. But it’s not all there is. A good product needs solid UX, positioning, and marketing that speaks to its audience. 

By working with a team with various profiles and expertise, you’re never limited by who you have in-house. On-demand access to all the skills required for startup success takes a lot of issues out of the equation.

We are here to make sure every step is covered. Your success is our success.

We don’t want your company.
We’re going to get involved in almost every conceivable way but we won’t take any equity. This gives you total freedom in reassessing the relationship as time goes on.
No strings attached, you evaluate us based on the results we bring.
Success takes time, but it usually speaks for itself.

No Technology

Whatever your needs are (web, mobile, AI, database,…), we have experience and knowledge with most available technologies. Having a diverse team of senior devs allows us to cover a lot of ground.

We always choose technology based on relevance to the project. We build sustainable products that satisfy every stakeholder.

Our developers come from successful companies such as Amazon or Teads. They know how to build robust software, but also to ship “tactical” code in a hurry.

We create successful MVP's

The concept of the MVP goes straight to the point

Find your killer feature!

Release a product with the killer feature first, the one most expected by the target audience. Propose this product and test it on the market

In short, this is exactly the opposite than the old method that consisted in proposing a nearly finished product after spending a lot of money and time.

The MVP is a finished product.  Test your first killer feature on the market and make your first sales !

It allows you then to continue investing in improving it with more information.

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Connected to
the real world

Receive users feedback and immediately come into contact with the real market ! Gone are the days of developing a great product that ends up not meeting its audience. We create, we test, we modify, we move forward …

Regularly, we change the scope, but we keep the mission.

 Understand the market while making money.

Control your investments

Start-ups using the MVP take immediately advantage of the users feedback. Create an MVP for your project and use investments to improve the product. By controlling their investments, those start-ups reduce the financial risks.

Want to to try it ?

Not dirty

Getting the project up and running quickly does not mean that the work is rushed. Creating an MVP means going through a rapid validation and optimisation process. Make mistakes sometimes, correct them immediately.

In short, act quickly ! Not dirty. Quality is there at each step of the process.

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