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From software and app development to business coaching,
 to leadership training and more, we have you covered!

Our growth services

The journey of launching or running a business can be an incredible but challenging one. That’s why having a growth partner is essential in making things more manageable. It can be difficult to find the right partner so we made it our mission to provide a 360° approach to cover all aspects of business growth.

In just a few workshops, we take a deep dive into your business together to build a solid long-term growth plan that matches your ambition and resources.

An airtight business plan is crucial in order to raise money and pilot your business into growth and success. Whether you need a new one or want to challenge the one you already have, we’ve got you!

Whether it’s for sales, marketing, customer success, product building,… implementing the right processes will transform your business and allow you to really scale your operations.

Growth plan

Whether you’re just starting out or need to reevaluate where you are, having a clear growth plan is essential. It helps the company set clear goals, prioritize resources, and track progress towards its objectives. It also provides a roadmap for success and helps the company stay focused on its mission.

We’ll help you lay out and implement an ambitious but realistic plan as well as all the relevant KPIs. We’ll be with you every step of the way.

Business plan

Without a business plan, you don’t have a business.

Maybe you’re just starting out, or maybe your previous plan got punched in the mouth. Either way, we’ll work with you to lay out your company’s goals, strategy, and operating model. We’ll also build a clear view of the target market, competition, and the resources required to bring the product or service to market.

Beyond funding, a good business plan is critical to increase your chances of success and make informed decisions that support long-term growth. 

And we can help with that!

Process Mapping

“>It’s hard to establish new processes when you spend your time putting out fires. It’s also hard to have a big-picture view of things when you don’t take a few steps back. And, finally, it’s important that crucial knowledge doesn’t only reside in the founder’s head.

Mapping efficient business processes unlocks the untapped potential of an otherwise healthy business and make the company less reliant on one person. It also provides a necessary and solid base for future projects.

Sometimes, you just need to rewire the machine for it to work better. And we’ve got the best engineers!

Our clients say it best


Pauline Boussin

Head of Human and Business Potential – Umedia

“When we hit a plateau, 26lights helped us increase investments by 60% without increasing the size of our team. They built a model of our company and used their deep understanding of our business to automate a lot of recurring tasks that held our team back. Their greatest strength is their ability to turn business needs into concrete tools.”


Jonathan Schockaert

CEO – RingTwice (formerly ListMinut)

“Switching from a startup to a scaleup model is a tough challenge and 26lights helped us do just that by structuring our growing organization. They helped key people understand their role and gave us tailored advice for our desired outcomes. We definitely recommend them.”

Why work with 26lights?

Our work only makes sense as long as it makes sense to you. You’re always in control of the project and you’re free to reevaluate the collaboration at any time.

Whether you’d like a one-off strategy workshop or a 5-year growth implementation, you’re in charge.

Every company is different. Thanks to our experience and blend of skills, we tailor our advice and working model to accommodate your business and your needs.

We act as a real partner. Your success is our success.

We never compromise on the quality of the people we hire because these are the people who will be working on your project.

Everyone in our team has a proven track record and the right mindset to tackle your challenges with maximum efficiency.

Meet our experts!

Arik Azoulay – Business Coach

Alicia Dahan – Manager
/ Scrum Master

Forster Perelsztejn  – Marketing Lead

Nathan Cohen – Business Analyst

Guillaume Dacier – Back End Developer

Olivier Samyn – Tech Lead (Infra, Data, Algorithm)

Renaud Lenne – Tech Lead (A.I, Security, Algorithm)

Xavier Poczekajlo – Back End Developer

Florian Baumont – Back End Developer

Alexandre Fritz – Front End Developer

Gaspar Feron – Front End Developer

Jeremy Jacono – Conversion Rate Optimizer

Laurent van Ausloos – Brand marketing / Art Director

Alicia Dahan
Growth Manager
26 lights